Thursday, November 26, 2009

Simply Pure - a monochrome grouping project

Happy Thanksgiving!

6 X 8 Acrylic on Canvas Board (all three pieces)

I decided to work on a project today and yesterday that would consist of a grouping of all the same size canvas and each painting would be monochromatic. I chose green, blue, and purple because I wanted to stay in the cool range of colors. The above photo is similar to what the grouping might look like hanging on a wall. I just finished the blue piece today.

I arranged each painting side by side on the table, snapped a photo, then put white dividers in between them in GIMP (freeware photo editing software).


  1. Very "cool". I like your idea, well done!

  2. Very cool. Love the contrasting monochromaticness. (Is that a word? LOL)

    Happy thanksgiving!

  3. Those are lovely!

  4. On our way home from Thanksgiving dinner,there was a beautiful sunset these paintings made me think of it.The blue is my favorite,it looks like a peaceful place.

  5. These look great together. They give me a very peaceful and calming feeling. I am sure when they are hanging in a room they will provide a calm presence.